Kelab Tasik, Putrajaya

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Salam u olls ,

What have you been doing this weekends? 
Seems it's school holiday , definitely those especially parents do have lots of plan for the children , right? And the road everywhere will be stuck of the traffic yet shopping malls too; were packed with human being. Well , just have the fun while you can.  Happy holidays!

Me and my fam when to Kelab Tasik , PutrajayaKelab Tasik, Putrajaya recently just to have a evening tea time til  turn to be a light dinner together. Kak Zila & aQish also do join us. Actually , my mummy was the one who is craving for Fried Banana, and that's why we were there. And It was my first time anyway. I just adore the place with the view of scenery around.

Let the picture explain all of them , 

How was it , nice? More pictures actually but would be a long entry then. You should be there and start posing and capturing.

Hey ya , as the actual reason we were there is to had the favorite Fried Banana of my mummy. We did have a simple light meal seems everyone is quite full. While enjoying eating , we do relaxing ourselves with the environment there. What a beautiful and peaceful place to be.

This is the dishes of meals that we had together ,

Well this is not a meal but a menu. 

The Fried Chicken

Ain't so yummeyh?

Banana Split

Fried Bee-hoon

Fish & Chips

So , I guess it's worth it to hang out with the love ones there, and the price are reasonable. The food are also delicious. Would go there again soon , to try more other meals.

What you are waiting for , let's go and enjoy our weekends and chill up your day!

*I'am not a food blogger , yeah but just love to eat*


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May Allah bless me and you , Ameen

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