Kelab Tasik, Putrajaya

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Salam u olls ,

What have you been doing this weekends? 
Seems it's school holiday , definitely those especially parents do have lots of plan for the children , right? And the road everywhere will be stuck of the traffic yet shopping malls too; were packed with human being. Well , just have the fun while you can.  Happy holidays!

Me and my fam when to Kelab Tasik , PutrajayaKelab Tasik, Putrajaya recently just to have a evening tea time til  turn to be a light dinner together. Kak Zila & aQish also do join us. Actually , my mummy was the one who is craving for Fried Banana, and that's why we were there. And It was my first time anyway. I just adore the place with the view of scenery around.

Let the picture explain all of them , 

How was it , nice? More pictures actually but would be a long entry then. You should be there and start posing and capturing.

Hey ya , as the actual reason we were there is to had the favorite Fried Banana of my mummy. We did have a simple light meal seems everyone is quite full. While enjoying eating , we do relaxing ourselves with the environment there. What a beautiful and peaceful place to be.

This is the dishes of meals that we had together ,

Well this is not a meal but a menu. 

The Fried Chicken

Ain't so yummeyh?

Banana Split

Fried Bee-hoon

Fish & Chips

So , I guess it's worth it to hang out with the love ones there, and the price are reasonable. The food are also delicious. Would go there again soon , to try more other meals.

What you are waiting for , let's go and enjoy our weekends and chill up your day!

*I'am not a food blogger , yeah but just love to eat*


  1. menarik..dah la dekat ngan umah..hehe

  2. Replies
    1. Nanti bila2 dtg putrajaya, boleh la singgah

  3. Ty tak pernah gi.... fried bee hoon tu jugak nampak sedap Ty...he..he..

    1. Nampak je simple tapi sedap la.. Harus pi!!


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