Penang : Day 2nd

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Last night after had dinner with family and enjoy watching MoneyDrop on Astro Channel host by AC Mizal. But when everyone is sleeping last night , I was chit chatting with my best friend , Wani. After work at 12am , she drop here and had her supper. About 2am she when home. I went to dreamland about 4am something after did on9.

It's X-Mas!
Also my second day with my family & beloved.

Mummy did wake me up , but seems I slept late. I still can't woke up so early but still about 10am , I get ready and as I promise him that I'll bring hi to eat Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu so this time , I drop to Kg.Melayu. Yeah!! It's still open and we managed to had our breakfast included minor lunch here. Its damn superb. If you touch down the land called Penang , you must drop by here and try it!

*darling so hungry can't capture the picture*

After had our meals , my beloved wants to eat durian seems like we're at Air Itam , so I just try to go off to Balik Pulau but too bad in Penang  not the durian season yet as like in Perak. But before we went down to Tanjung Bungah , we did stop near Tropical Fruit Farm and gad only one durian cost RM13/- after being weight by kilo.

Then received a Blackberry Message (BBM) from a friend and would mind to meet and hang out and we decided to meet at 1st Avenue  , the road in Penang during X-Mas is jammed but once we did reached the parking lots , our car broke down. So while the car still move so we just cancel the date and went home. Our friend just come over to my place.Alhamdulillah after he tried hard to fixed up what's the problem is the car are back to normal. 

There of us planned to make surprised to Wani at Sushi King , E-Gate and also we had our evening tea there. Wani finished works at 9pm so she says that she is hungry and wanted us to join her for dinner at her fiance's working restaurant place. But too bad suddenly it turns to a fight for ridiculous reason between them so we make move and after send Wani home , there of us had dinner at Denai  Tropika Restaurant Sg.Ara ; we had rice and set of barramundi fish cooked 3 tastes , cashew chicken , omelette & seafood tomyam.

Oh that's not much yet like before.

yummy fish babeh

So after had dinner together  , our friend drop us home. So we both take turns to had our bathe before went to bed. He did went to bed but not me. I did on9 to update blog but could stand awhile and save those post to be continued.

Catch out my next day entry.


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Penang : Day 1st

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Hey , it's holiday! After working like hell for about 2 weeks directly and no holidays also date with love or buddies etc. Alhamdulillah , I managed to finished up lots of tanned of work , as my boss request for. Syukran! (Hope there's nothing problem with the payment that I've done,Amin.)

So , I'm back to my hometown almost for 10days of holidays. So P-E-A-C-E with the kinda SUCK of environment in the office and Putrajaya . Opppsss..Seriously it is.

I & my beloved make our move after we guys went to Live Band Bukit Bintang so roughly about 1am on Saturday early morning he drove back to Penang. I am so sleep and tired not enough rest not really helping to company him along the journey. 

We reached Penang about 5am. And we woke up abouet 3pm. My mummy & daddy doesn't wake us up cause understand we were tired with work also the journey.

My family went to wedding fest , so there's no food to eat. So After we both get ready , I brought him out and hunt for food. He wants to eat Nasi Kandar . So thought of bringing him to Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu but too bad only in the morning, so let's line up at Nasi Kandar Beratoq.

Yeah! He at last got to eat Nasi Kandar even tho not delicious as what I wanted him to have at Kampung Melayu, after had Nasi Kandar we both when to Padang Kota Lama and eat again. We both had Mee Pata - Mee Sotong & Ice Kacang also Coconut Milk Shake.

Coconut Milk Shake

Ice Kacang

Mee Sotong

After both us are full for the moment , both of us decide to have a walk. We went to new hang out place that I never ever went with him , it's Straits Quay. Many of people are there to celebrate X-Mas , yeah it's X-mas eve evening walk.

Almost whole edge of the Straits Quay we've walked. It's almost dusk so we just get back into the building and went to Secret Recipe and had some cakes before when home seems mummy called and have cook for dinner.

Iced Blended Green Tea

Marble Cheese Cake


Okay it's time to go home and meet up my family also have had dinner together. So Happy X-Mas too to all who are celebrating.

Catch up with my next day's entry.


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Great Dinner at Little White Cafe

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Hello and hye everyone !
I'm quite busy with my work load in the office. And today I manage to fully on9 my FB , Twitter , Tumblr and of course this blog.

According to the title of this entry , It's not a anniversary of any relationship but its a....

Last Friday , on the 16th of December 2011 , I was officially been working in the government sector for 3 years. Since when / which year? You count it by your self , ain't it damn so easy , beb?

Even tho , I was so busy working on my work load of tasks in the office , yet my beloved boyfriend still ask me out for dinner , he is the one who fetch me up from office. The place that he brought me is unexpected that he is so romantic and have such of idea of celebrating the anniversary together seems he is also one of my batch of intake too.

Seriously , I am so sleepy and so-so-so-TIRED and I just thought that he'll bring me to any of Mamak Restaurant / Malay Hawker stall or maybe any fast food the most easier for him to get food for me seems I'm tired.

But the weird on this night from the other date is .... HE DID NOT ASK WHERE or WHAT I WANTS TO EAT?

Surprisingly , here is the dinner for the #3rd Year Dinner of my service in JPA.

The romantic and stylish with also deco of an English style ; LITTLE WHITE CAFE.

It's located at BANGI

The front part of the restaurant.
Very the C.A.N.T.I.K

The very nice & neat decoration just like the English house in the movie.

The place where the chef is preparing the meals for the customer's order.
ain't it so-so-so COOL?

It's the MENU.
*So classic and stylo*


Hungry??!! Yeah this the faces that hunger for food to chew and gain more FATS! Okay , let's check it out the meals from starter to the end of our meal for the night.

Sausage & Cheese

Veggie Lasagna

Roast Chicken

There is variety flavor of MACARON!
so sweet - yummy!

Ain't it so romantic and a nice place to visit again? And for those who never been here , I would love to promote to you , DO NOT HESITATE TO DROP FOR ONCE .. yeah?!

Will do drop here InsyAllah on any occasion to celebrate one day.


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Tiada Lagi "SHOUTMIX"

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Salam Sejahtera semua ..

Semua blogger atau sesiapa yang menggunakan SHOUTMIX untuk berinteraksi dengan semua orang selepas ini tidak dapat lagi menggunakan khidmatnya lagi.

Kenapa? Sepertinya selepas ini akan menjadi satu widget berbayar. Sekiranya terperasaan terdapat "Important Notice" yang tertera di hujung atas SHOUTMIX kamu-kamu semua. Check it out , guys.

Untuk lebih makluman , boleh klik pada tulisan tersebut dan baca.

Ini yang antara tertulis ;

" Existing users will be able to continue using their accounts at no cost right now. The transition will begin within a few weeks. Eventually, users with free accounts will need to switch to a paying plan or stop using the service. The date is set at January 1, 2012. After this date, free accounts will stop working unless upgraded to a paid plan. "

Untuk selepas ini kemungkinan besar akan berubah hati dan menukar kepada Cbox / 99shoutbox / freeshoutbox / Oggix / Tag-World / Plugoo Chatwing / Yellbox / MyShoutBox dsb ??

Hmmmmmm.....apakah pilihan hati ye? Korang pula bagai mana?

Selamat tinggal  , Good bye , Sayonara , Tata , Daaaaaaaaa SHOUTMIX !


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May Allah bless me and you , Ameen

Sepang - Nilai Berjalan Di Hari Ahad

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Uishh , awal - awal entry dah tempek gambar kapal terbang Air Asia pula , apa hal? Cerita nya ialah pergi jemput my mummy  dari airport LCCT , Sepang. Al kisahnya , mummy Yanty telah pun mendapat berita yang ditunggu - tunggunya , sangat gembira. Tahniah mummy, naik pangkat dan akan melaporkan diri di KKM , Putrajaya dan berkhidmat di sini , InsyAllah. 3 beranak perempuan di Putrajaya , 3 beranak lelaki di Penang. 

Lepas saja jemput mummy , Yanty & buah hati bawa mummy pi Nilai . Semata - mata sebab Yanty yang nak ringankan kepala. Buat apa? Yanty potong rambut. Pendek sangat. Esok kerja orang nak terus tambah dosa boleh la mengumpat. Janji ringan beban kepala otak Yanty. Janji tak guna duit sesiapa untuk potong rambut Yanty yang sememangnya panjang sesangat. Sayang lah juga tapi lama - kelamaan nanti panjang lah balik kan?

Murah juga la potong kat salun ini , RM25 untuk cuci - gunting - blow. Mummy dan buah hati pun terpengaruh untuk buat sama terhadap rambut masing - masing. Hampir sejam lebih la 3 orang ini dok berdandan. Pheewiit!

Lepas sahaja 3 orang dah comel dan segak , mummy  nak singgah Nilai 3 cari barang hantaran beg untuk travel yang biasa - biasa sahaja. Dalam masa 30 minit saja kami bertiga mencari akhirnya dapat la yang berjaya menakluki hati mummy  untuk membelinya. Lepas jalan - jalan sikit , bunyi dalam perut sudah menandakan masuknya waktu makan malam

Singgah di kedai Wawa Seafood dan hanya Yanty saja yang makan makanan bergoreng , bihun goreng  , itu pun  5- 6 suapan dah terus rasa kenyang. Tapau balik saja. Buah hati dan mummy  makan nasi putih , ayam masak merah , kailan ikan masin , sup tulang dan sotong goreng tepung. Selesai makan , kami pun cari jalan pulang ke pangkal yang sebenar sebab dah letih dan lagi lapar bantal bak kata buah hati.

Sampai sudah rumah , pakat mandi , update blog , dah baca? Esok kerja habaq hang so cheq nak tidur sebab kerja bertimbun nak siapkan. Assalamualaikum. Selamat pejam mata sampai lena mimpi indah.


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Ujang9897 Review blog

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1st of all , terima kasih kerana telah memilih blog ini untuk direview.
Meh baca komen tentang blog Yanty tapi title entry untuk direview tak suits Yanty.

Si blogger comel yang gua review
Gred C

Gua nak copy header yanty tak dapat sebab dia tak kasi tekan "right klik" hehe, bagi gua tak perlu buat macam tu sebab tak kisah la orang nak copy paste entri kita atau pun apa2...tapi terpulang..('',)
Erm..., rasanya banyak yang perlu dibaiki blog yanty ini untuk kasi lebih menarik dan mesra pembaca antarnya ialah

-  buang semua widget yang di atas tu ,bawah jeader tu semua harus di buang sebab rasanya tak perlu dan agak serabut untuk pembaca..('',) bawah header terus ada widget follower tak perlu yang lain2 tu ok..

- buang benda di sidebar yang rasanya tak perlu ada seperti "contes/segmen" "banner-banner bwh network blog"  dan susun siderbar tinggal apa yang perlu jer

- templet blog juga kurang mesra sebab tulisan entri transperan dengan bground blog, cari templet yang tulisan blog tak transperen dgn bground ,paham tak ni..hihi

- dari segi entri tengok byk join segmen dan giveaway sahaja.., cuba banyakkan entri personal..baru la blogger..=)


Itu dulu setakat ini..., banyak lagi gua nak kena selesaikan...huhu...

Teguran gua dan review gua semuanya iklas dari hati..jangan kecik ati ek sayang..!!(manja tak)

Itu lah komen-komen terhadap blog Yanty. 
  • Gred C , teruknya lah nak digambarkan blog Yanty ini.
  • Mengenai disable right click , Yanty rasa yes terpulang sebab hak terpelihara. Bukan ada rasa hormat nak credit bila copy.
  • Widget selepas header Yanty dah dibuang hanya tinggal iklan , widget follower dan exchange linkKenapa Yanty tak buang exchange link? Sebabnya Yanty rasa itu senang untuk blogwalking dengan rakan blogger lain. Bukan macam Ujang memang tak perlu sebab sentiasa trafik melambung menonjak.
  • Segala sidebar widget seperti "banner-banner" dah diruntuhkan dari dinding.
  • Diminta untuk tidak meng"transparentkan" background entry , I shadow it. Bolehkan? Walaupun dah cuba tukar 3 kali menggunakan blogskin tetapi hati suruh stay dengan yang ini juga.
  • Lastly , bukan tak nak menulis dan menjadi blogger yang tegar dengan penulisan tetapi sekadar ada blog untuk penyertaan contest sahaja. Dah kebetulan namanya , sebelum ini dah ada saja penulisan mengenai diri ini. Check them on the click of OLDER POST , thank you.

Sedikit pun tak heran dengan kutukan blog berGRED. Nanti mati pun blog terbengkalai juga. Melainkan ada suami / anak-anak nak sambungkan. Akan cuba pertingkatan yang mana kurangnya. InsyAllah.


Thank you for commenting on my words.
May Allah bless me and you , Ameen

Ombak Rindu

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Izzah seorang guru agama yang mengajar di kampung , tragisnya apabila pak cik nya telah menjualkannya ke rumah pelacuran dengan hanya memberitahunya perlu ke bandar dan bekerja demi memerlukan wang untuk pembedahan mak cik nya. Pelanggan pertama nya adalah seorang playboy yang kaya , Harriz , Izzah merayu untuk dikahwininya dan membawa dia dikeluarkan dari tempat itu. Mereka berkahwin , tanpa disedari Harriz telah jatuh cinta dengan dia. Hubungan keluarga dan kawan rapat antara Mila telah mengundang kepada sebuah tekanan kepada Harriz sehinnga terpaksa berkahwin dengan Mila tanpa sesiapa yang mengetahui Harriz telah pun berkahwin. Oleh itu , bermula cinta segi tiga yang melibatkan tiga nyaw ke dalam pelbagai emosi.

OMBAK RINDU merupakan adaptasi dari sebuah novel karya Fauziah Ashari yang telah diterbitkan sebagai sebuah filem yang menjadi buah mulut orang seluruh pelusuk di Malaysia ini. Pungutan daripada hasil filem ini semakin hari semakin meningkat. Apa tidaknya, sejak filem ini di tayangkan pada 1 Disember 2011 , boleh dikatakan hampir semua panggung wayang di ibu kota dan sebagainya telah habis dijual. Hebat kan?

Mana tidak nya , barisan pelakon memang bukan calang-calang pelakon. Antara pelakon utama yang telah menjayakan filem Ombak Rindu ini ialah Aaron Aziz , Maya Karin , Lisa Surihani dan Bront Palarae.

Bagi yang belum menyaksikan filem ini boleh lah sama-sama bergegas ke panggung wayang yang terdekat.
Sedih memang sedih , kalau jiwa memang lembut tu sediakan lah tisu ye , tetapi bagi setengah golongan , filem ini slow dan "BOLEH LAH". Masing-masing ada hak untuk berikan sebarang komen.


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Under Construction

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Will be back with more updates.. Insyallah. For now , this blog is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.


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May Allah bless me and you , Ameen