Penang : Day 1st

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hey , it's holiday! After working like hell for about 2 weeks directly and no holidays also date with love or buddies etc. Alhamdulillah , I managed to finished up lots of tanned of work , as my boss request for. Syukran! (Hope there's nothing problem with the payment that I've done,Amin.)

So , I'm back to my hometown almost for 10days of holidays. So P-E-A-C-E with the kinda SUCK of environment in the office and Putrajaya . Opppsss..Seriously it is.

I & my beloved make our move after we guys went to Live Band Bukit Bintang so roughly about 1am on Saturday early morning he drove back to Penang. I am so sleep and tired not enough rest not really helping to company him along the journey. 

We reached Penang about 5am. And we woke up abouet 3pm. My mummy & daddy doesn't wake us up cause understand we were tired with work also the journey.

My family went to wedding fest , so there's no food to eat. So After we both get ready , I brought him out and hunt for food. He wants to eat Nasi Kandar . So thought of bringing him to Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu but too bad only in the morning, so let's line up at Nasi Kandar Beratoq.

Yeah! He at last got to eat Nasi Kandar even tho not delicious as what I wanted him to have at Kampung Melayu, after had Nasi Kandar we both when to Padang Kota Lama and eat again. We both had Mee Pata - Mee Sotong & Ice Kacang also Coconut Milk Shake.

Coconut Milk Shake

Ice Kacang

Mee Sotong

After both us are full for the moment , both of us decide to have a walk. We went to new hang out place that I never ever went with him , it's Straits Quay. Many of people are there to celebrate X-Mas , yeah it's X-mas eve evening walk.

Almost whole edge of the Straits Quay we've walked. It's almost dusk so we just get back into the building and went to Secret Recipe and had some cakes before when home seems mummy called and have cook for dinner.

Iced Blended Green Tea

Marble Cheese Cake


Okay it's time to go home and meet up my family also have had dinner together. So Happy X-Mas too to all who are celebrating.

Catch up with my next day's entry.

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