Great Dinner at Little White Cafe

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hello and hye everyone !
I'm quite busy with my work load in the office. And today I manage to fully on9 my FB , Twitter , Tumblr and of course this blog.

According to the title of this entry , It's not a anniversary of any relationship but its a....

Last Friday , on the 16th of December 2011 , I was officially been working in the government sector for 3 years. Since when / which year? You count it by your self , ain't it damn so easy , beb?

Even tho , I was so busy working on my work load of tasks in the office , yet my beloved boyfriend still ask me out for dinner , he is the one who fetch me up from office. The place that he brought me is unexpected that he is so romantic and have such of idea of celebrating the anniversary together seems he is also one of my batch of intake too.

Seriously , I am so sleepy and so-so-so-TIRED and I just thought that he'll bring me to any of Mamak Restaurant / Malay Hawker stall or maybe any fast food the most easier for him to get food for me seems I'm tired.

But the weird on this night from the other date is .... HE DID NOT ASK WHERE or WHAT I WANTS TO EAT?

Surprisingly , here is the dinner for the #3rd Year Dinner of my service in JPA.

The romantic and stylish with also deco of an English style ; LITTLE WHITE CAFE.

It's located at BANGI

The front part of the restaurant.
Very the C.A.N.T.I.K

The very nice & neat decoration just like the English house in the movie.

The place where the chef is preparing the meals for the customer's order.
ain't it so-so-so COOL?

It's the MENU.
*So classic and stylo*


Hungry??!! Yeah this the faces that hunger for food to chew and gain more FATS! Okay , let's check it out the meals from starter to the end of our meal for the night.

Sausage & Cheese

Veggie Lasagna

Roast Chicken

There is variety flavor of MACARON!
so sweet - yummy!

Ain't it so romantic and a nice place to visit again? And for those who never been here , I would love to promote to you , DO NOT HESITATE TO DROP FOR ONCE .. yeah?!

Will do drop here InsyAllah on any occasion to celebrate one day.


Thank you for commenting on my words.
May Allah bless me and you , Ameen

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