Penang : Day 2nd

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last night after had dinner with family and enjoy watching MoneyDrop on Astro Channel host by AC Mizal. But when everyone is sleeping last night , I was chit chatting with my best friend , Wani. After work at 12am , she drop here and had her supper. About 2am she when home. I went to dreamland about 4am something after did on9.

It's X-Mas!
Also my second day with my family & beloved.

Mummy did wake me up , but seems I slept late. I still can't woke up so early but still about 10am , I get ready and as I promise him that I'll bring hi to eat Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu so this time , I drop to Kg.Melayu. Yeah!! It's still open and we managed to had our breakfast included minor lunch here. Its damn superb. If you touch down the land called Penang , you must drop by here and try it!

*darling so hungry can't capture the picture*

After had our meals , my beloved wants to eat durian seems like we're at Air Itam , so I just try to go off to Balik Pulau but too bad in Penang  not the durian season yet as like in Perak. But before we went down to Tanjung Bungah , we did stop near Tropical Fruit Farm and gad only one durian cost RM13/- after being weight by kilo.

Then received a Blackberry Message (BBM) from a friend and would mind to meet and hang out and we decided to meet at 1st Avenue  , the road in Penang during X-Mas is jammed but once we did reached the parking lots , our car broke down. So while the car still move so we just cancel the date and went home. Our friend just come over to my place.Alhamdulillah after he tried hard to fixed up what's the problem is the car are back to normal. 

There of us planned to make surprised to Wani at Sushi King , E-Gate and also we had our evening tea there. Wani finished works at 9pm so she says that she is hungry and wanted us to join her for dinner at her fiance's working restaurant place. But too bad suddenly it turns to a fight for ridiculous reason between them so we make move and after send Wani home , there of us had dinner at Denai  Tropika Restaurant Sg.Ara ; we had rice and set of barramundi fish cooked 3 tastes , cashew chicken , omelette & seafood tomyam.

Oh that's not much yet like before.

yummy fish babeh

So after had dinner together  , our friend drop us home. So we both take turns to had our bathe before went to bed. He did went to bed but not me. I did on9 to update blog but could stand awhile and save those post to be continued.

Catch out my next day entry.


  1. Marniey :meh la Penang leh bawa jejalan tapi time ada di Penang la.. hehe pasni dah mula kerja balik

  2. aku suka makan nasi kandar.. tp nak penang fresh pnye.. suka3.. hihi.. nt2 nak p penang lagi..


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