Penang with Ain and Ika

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Salam u olls,

I went back to Penang previously last few week. Had a short meet up with my bestie, Ain and Ika. Too bad Wani can't make it.

We had supper together at Nasi Kandar Misai. Located nearby the Chowrasta Market. Oh yeah, our supper is damn so superb,babe.

U should try it than you'll definitely says it is *superb*.

After had our "light" supper, we went nearby at the IJM Jelutong by the seaside and had some fresh environment and girls talk.

Then its too late for sweet girls like us hanging out so we went home as we were planning to meet up for awhile tomorrow morning at Rope Walk or Lorong Kulit as Ain is working by helping his dad, selling antique stuff around the world while his dad handle the bussiness also at their main shop.

Early morning, after prepared ourself, me and Ika went to Ain and while chit-chatting I do snap some of the antique thingy that to be sold. Interested? Do let me know so I'll introduce you to my friend,Ain.

Here are only some of the photo's taken from her selling area - antique things. Ain't so cool?

Before I leave, I had "breakfast-lunch" with 'em at the Astaka.

Miss them so badly. The best bestie of mine.

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