What is Shopback Malaysia?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lately I often read some articles about Shopback and mostly is giving good feedback. Not sure if you have stumbled upon article about Shopback, but if this is the first time for you, I suggest you to visit their website now.

So what is so interesting about Shopback? And the main point is what is Shopback Malaysia? Is it similar to the one of the online stores like Lazada and agodaWell, if you are a hardcore online shoppers, this is might the best website for you as you can have all items you wanted just under one website. Basically anything! From fashion items, gadgets, hotel rooms and many more.

To talk a lil bit about their background, this company is actually came from America then penetrated Singapore’s market and now is penetrating Malaysia’s market. I would say this company is till new in Malaysia and most of us still haven’t heard about them before.

So back to the main concept of Shopback Malaysia, basically if you open the main website, you’ll see a list of online stores – Groupon, Expedia, Luxola, Agoda and many more. In my own words, those are like the ‘affiliated partners’ where you buy items from those website through Shopback then you’ll get some cashback (which is actually the commission given by the ‘affiliated partners’ to Shopback).

Not only cashback, you will also have the chance to enjoy great promos and coupons from them. What a great way to spend right? 

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