The Romantic Lover on Wednesday

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Romantic Lover on Wednesday & pic above are related ? SICK? On last Monday , My Cayang went to Hospital Putrajaya for his check up on the "thing" in his mouth like those photos that I've shared on
entry of Bedah Lagi yet after working hours he fetch me from my office and in the car he claimed that he is
SICK! We are home , doctor will be coming soon to fix on the wires to check on his sleep. Seems I am the one who are taking care and concern of him but not to blame too bad I am SICK until today! He is well next day. OMG

Last Wednesday , 25th May 2011.
However , ME & My Love had already set up a great plan for WEDNESDAY date . Yes,we suppose
are on leave but seems he needs to re-check up so he manage to got a MC! But I don't , I took
replacement off only. The plan are ON even tho I am not quite OK but thinking not to wasted the leave we had just like that so we make it real and success the program of the plan.

After done his appointment with doctor , we went to IOI MALL, Puchong. Early morning? Absolutely
right , those shop are just only starting to open their business for the day but we are there already. While waiting the GSC Cinema to open I'd 5 minutes of  massage on an electronic massage chair of RM1 for
twice.Mr Cayang went to buy the TICKETS and I'm still having last massaging. TICKETS?? With (S)? Lots of it? Yeah yea ..
What are those MOVIES did we both going to be watching? Before both of us entered the cinema we
went for a breakfast at McDonald first. SICK+McD Porridge+Medicine = Good Girl! It's show time!

The very 1st movie we both had together is PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES

My rating score for this movie is :
*Jack Sparrow damn psycho*

Before enter for the next movie , both of us did had some pratha of chicken & cheese and beef black pepper.

The next movie followed by FAST AND FURIOUS 5  

My rating score for this movie is :
*love the action and a MUST movie to be watch,guys!*

After watch this fantastic movie , we both went to had our evening tea at PELITA near by before we 
continue to watch our very last movie for the day. I had fried maggie and Mr Cayang only had a roti canai & roti telur because he knows that I won't be able to finished up my meal. Yeah, he finished up mine meal. tQ,cayang. After done , I did took medicine again and start to walk back to the mall next road to watch the last movie.

And the very last for the whole day at the mall is NUR KASIH THE MOVIE

My rating score for this movie is :
*so sweet - touching - lovely - romantic movie*

DONE on movie's date with hubby today! Plan was successfully complete for the day. We went out from the mall about 8 something.I was so sleepy maybe cause of tired , sick and my medicine I've took so I fall asleep in the car without switch on the air-con . I am sweating. Lovin'it. Mr.Cayang so kind when he went and help me to buy my house groceries at the wet market 24hours , again thousand of tQ cayang. Reached home about 10pm , once I took my bathe and I continued my sleep again. But too bad for me is WHY am I still fall SICK until today?

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