Fill this for me !

Monday, May 30, 2011

Fill this for me !
Fill this for me:
1 advise :
1 request :
1 wish :
1 lie :
1 truth :
1 hope :
1 thing U never told me before :

I did ask some of my Facebook friend to fill this. Any blogger want to try   to fill this for me? You may do so.

and this is the answer that were filled up by my gorgeous friends.

lets check it out.

  • advise : aku nk hg fokus keja n xyah la pkir sal cintan2 nie...
    request : nti mai amik aku kat cheras then kita lepaks.. ;)
    wish : aku harap sgt hg btol2 kembar aku tp.. =(
    lie : hg npk kurus skunk...
    hope : harap kita akan jdk kwn forever k?
    thing u never told me before : aku jeles ngn hg sejak skolah coz hg pndai bwk moto... selesai sudeh...

    • 1 advise : do what u love..ignore what others wud say..
      1 request : keep me as ur bestfren 4ever!
      1 wish : wishing that u alwys be by myside when i need u..
      1 lie : u look fat! =P
      1 truth : ur my ever bestfren tht i need in this life.,.
      1 hope : hope 2 see u get married soon..
      1 thing U never told me before : i do love u so much... =)

      • 1 advise :jgn byk berpk ttg masalah sgt....relax sis..
        1 request :jgn lupakan adik... :)
        1 wish :wish that u will find ur true love
        1 lie : ape eh..stkat nie xtawu lorh....
        1 truth :still love u as my lovely sis
        1 hope :we still kp in touch
        1 thing U never told me before : u r the best sis ever!

        • 1) jgn pikir soal cintan..ia dtg sendiri..
          2)jgn lupa frenship kita smp mati!! ing poem aku kasi =)
          3)kita dua berjaya d masa hadapan..happy ever after!!
          4) hg kurus la sekarang hahha =P
          5)aku syg hg smp bila2 even less contact..bear that in ur mind =)
          6) keep in touch n fren forever
          7) u r the best fren dat i ever had and undrestand me the most..tknx 4 the sweetest moment that we had!! love u darling =P

          Thank you friend and there is some friend still didn't reply me are they on their way to submit this form? Catch them if there is , have fun reading !

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