10 Days Challenge : Day 4-10 things YOU want to say to a person

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 4-10 things YOU want to say to a person

A PERSON ? ONLY A PERSON ? No matter what I got 10 of it to all of people surrounding ME. Would be from Family member - Friends - Lover - Bloggers - Enemies , Who ever Cause this is dedicated to NO NAME

  • thank U for being so great , nice , understanding , supportive to me
  • love me as you love yourself
  • never be a PLASTIC just need your SINCERE in every single thing to me
  • BACK OFF if you hates me & I doesn't need any HYPOCRITES in my life
  • treat one another well-good , ISLAM ask to do good thing n behaviours
  • never spread RUMORS about thing you doesn't really sure instead the best way deal with me FACE2FACE
  • never break any PROMISES made once BROKEN its cant be FIXED ; fragile
  • I will be YOUR very best person in life even tho not 100% perfect.
  • Let me KNOW if I did U HURT rather than VOODOO me ;-p
  • I just LOVE U so much & want to spend rest of my life loving U , knowing U , MUAHXX!

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