10 Days Challenge : Day 3-10 things YOU hate

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today is the 3rd Day!

Want Thing That I Hate? Not only 10 but uncounted actually yet will list some of it only in 10 listing to be share.

  • disloyal person
  • disgusting / annoying / sarcastic
  • break promises instead lovely sweet talk 
  • betrayers @ back steppers  
  • working with inexperienced boss
  • double headed snake PEOPLE
  • share drinks/foods ( certain human being )
  • busybody on every single bloody hell matters
  • talking / creating rumors lastly spreading (GOV people do - NON-EDUCATED n majorities MALAYs)
  • FOOL ladies @ women M'sian drivers
  • 11th , lots more to know more be my friend on FB to get well each another ;-p ***


  1. cuba hindarkan diri dr kebencian..namun benci itu penting untuk kemungkaran..menjenguk yanti jugak ari ni...sihat tak

  2. @Nora Shahaira: tQ kak Nora, Insyallah Yanti xbenci tanpa sebab...


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