10 Days Challenge : Day 9-10 ways to win your heart

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How To Win My Heart ?

Wanna try to WIN my heart? Let's give a try!
  • Save my day.  remember all important date n day is much enough rather than tonnes of gifts.
  • Surprise me with a kiss on the cheek / forehead. I love romantic/great surprises.
  • Focus & Listen carefully. Went come to a serious part don't take me for granted. great listener,pls!
  • Sincere. Tell the truth if anything need to do so never keep playing my heart;hurts!
  • Love with fully whole of your heart. Dont play with feelings its leave a bad damage scar on it.
  • Loyal. Please dont flirts around or just taking big advantage for purpose necessary of yours
  • Understanding. Every single bullshits of ME U got to know ;character,behaviour,all of myself.
  • Cares like a new baby born. Attention , love , cares will create 24/7 smile shining.
  • Never tell lies. Plastics / Hypocrites / Back stepper BACK OFF!
  • Swipe off away tears. I am tough from outside appearance but I cry too , dont make me sad n cry again.
Lots more how ways to WIN my heart , maybe individually needs to know one another better to describe 100 percent absolutely right thought on the person to make sure it's right tricks or track just to get the HEART.

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