10 Days Challenge : Day 6-10 items you cant live without

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Seems yesterday blogger.com cant be access as usual so today I have to write for 2 entries for this challenge I took, the 5th & 6th day's challenge. I already wrote the 5th one this evening so now it's the 6th day challenge. The SIX 's is about 10 items I can't live without........................

Nokia 5800 Express Music - My Samsung Cobry Pro missing so this is my cayang's second hp and he give me for the timing & Insyallah once I got some $$ I'll get new one. Any suggestion? Yet sometimes we ex-change with another Blackberry that he used. 
My second H/P - Nokia 2630. Eventho not much call/sms etc using the H/P but I still love it so much.

My Only NETBOOK - Toshiba NB200 Pink
Without this how could I often writing , right?

Digi Broadband Modem
-use only went at home n certain places not provided WiFi.

Yeah , I can't live THIS away from my LIFE
*cyg,I know I'll keep it away once we got marry*
mp3 - cheap one only ;-) NO MUSIC NO LIFE
Often listen on it went I took bus to hometown ALONE but recently I went back with car ; Cayang & Friends

A gift from agency handling a college few years back , I wore it went I walk out from the house door , feels left-ed something if didn't put on it .

B-Day 2011 NEKLACE from Mr.Cayang!
Wore 24/7!

My OWN gadget worth RM1350 after 1K;missing H/P Samsung Cobry Pro
I LOVE PICTURE. Picture shown stories . Focus-Zoom-Click-Snap-Edit-Share-Post!
ROXY Purse - Worth almost RM89.90! Worth it buying U hunny! Last Long. I love ROXY stuff too actually. Brandy? nope. Certain things. Without my ROXY purse I'm in danger, WHY? I need my Malaysian Identity Card to move around , my LICENCE to drive , CA$$$$H to shop etc.

So how's was my 10 items that I can't live without ? Reasonable or not? What's YOURS? Mind to share on this challenge too? COME ON join yeah! 


  1. pergh....semua benda nampak exclusif...hheee

    datang singgah blog dan baca entry dan jadi folower blog anda

    anda dijemput menyertai
    Segmen " Selamat Hari Guru Cikgu."

  2. @Chegu Zubir: mana ada exclusif nyer Chegu... biasa je...


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