The 30 Days Challenge-Day 9 : A photo of the item you last purchased

Saturday, June 11, 2011

 This new bed was bought after about a year plus staying in own quarters when Mummy & Daddy come over so they bought this for me so later I still need to pay them back and that called future item that I'll purchase.

 Sunglasses! Just bought this last week on my holidays with my love one in Penang , We both went back to her sis's house in Bandar Bahru too. He also bought his own sunglasses and of course more quantity of mine. He love to go to Batu Ferringhi night's market.

Don't judge me ! Actually , it's just to release tension not gambling. I went back to hometown , my lil bro teach me on Cho Thai Tee and my love's friend here also do play as a normal game while we guys hang out.

New HP? Still my love's old Nokia 5800 Express Music but bought new housing , casing , battery and update new version. 

"Get Well Soon" 's cupcakes? For who? My love's friend's girlfriend known as my friend too. She was admitted at Hospital Serdang for a minor operation. Tomorrow she will discharge.

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