The 30 Days Challenge-Day 7: A photo of an animal you'd love to keep as a pet

by - June 08, 2011

What Animal do U LIKE?

What is UR pet?

ME? Since I was a baby , I love CAT! I start to get long with this cute and lovely animals since a cat that need a shelter when outside was a heavy rain. I as baby was sleeping at that moment. It come to my side and sleep together with me. That day onwards WE are close friend. But to bad on 1995 , Monay pass away.

Lost of cats been kept as a pet. But people stole and they passed away.

For so long , a cat came to my life only for few years but until today I can't forget to precious moment I had together with it. LOVE her so much.

I guess I will never can get any replacement anymore.

Now and forever COMEL will be remember.

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