The 30 Days Challenge-Day 16 : Short term goals for this month and why

Friday, June 24, 2011


Hurm again after several days here I am back to re-write on my #30 Days Challenge that I've been missed.

The #16 challenge are quite match on what I was silently planning by my own.

EAT! Yes , seems to be next month is July and also only left a month for all Muslims around the whole to prepared themselves on fasting mode. So here what was I did is I try to achieve more targets on EAT-ing.
I dont mind on my DIET mode for this month and I went to many places with my love ones mostly to had what across my mind to had as breakfast - lunch - dinner - supper. My love ones? Who are they? Of course my beloved boyfriend Mr.Nameless then I did also went back to Penang twice in this month so guess what? As I ever say Penang food is so heaven - delicious - marvelous - fantastic guys!! So I went back with my boyfriend as well too so we did had different kind food in Penang everything he did followed me back to Penang. Not forgotten and of course I did had my EAT-ing goals with my family and also my besties best friend ( ex- schoolmates) too.

What I have been eaten for the past few days on this June lovely half and a year month on calender?

- Satay : Hj Samuri Satay Kajang Restaurant , Kajang ,Selangor
- Nasi Ayam Penyet : Ani Sup Utara , Seri Kembangan , Selangor
- BBQ Chicken Noodles : Mohd Abdullah Chan , Bangi , Selangor
- Pizza Hut , Cyberjaya
- Kenny Rogers , Alamanda , Putrajaya
- Ikan siakap 3 rasa , telur bungkus , kailan ikan masin , tomyam campur & french fries : Bangi ,Selangor.
- Nasi Beriyani Gam : UNITEN ,Serdang , Selangor.
- Karipap Achik - Homemade by En.Nameless 's sister in Perak (Over for a night)
- Mee Udang - Mummy's cook , Home Sweet Home , Penang.
- Durian - En.Nameless treat my family
- Fish & Chip  , Mushroom Soup & Ice Lemon Tea : Mizi Bistro , New World Park , Penang. thank you Wany for the treat!
- Naan chicken Milani Set : Kapitan Gurney , Gurney Road , Penang.
- Takotao : Jusco Queensbay Mall , Penang.
- Nasi Beriyani : Hameediah , Penang
- Roti Canai : Transfer Road , Penang.
- Chocolate Moist Cake : Officemate's cousin made
- Nasi Ayam Penyet (again!!!) : Cyberjaya
- GCB : McD Alamanda with officemate;Sis Aznie (it was the 1st day!)
- Asam Laksa : Old Town White Coffee 1st Avenue Mall  , Penang
- Giant Chessy Sosej : Petronas & 1st Avenue Mall , Penang
- Satay Tandori / Barbeque / Deer & Original with Tomato Rice : Al Basri , Penang
- Sotong goreng tepung : Hammer Bay Beach Side , Penang.
- Char Koay Teow : Mamak stall.
- GCB &Nuggets : McD Bangi ,Selangor
- Ikan Siakap 3 rasa , Telur Bungkus , Sup Daging , Kailan Ikan Masin  & Chicken Chop : Tasik Idaman , Bangi.
- 10 stick of chicken satay & little bit of USA's Rice : Singgah Rasa , Taman Bukit Jalil .
more , more and more to eat til end of JUNE! =)

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