The 30 Days Challenge-Day 3 : Your idea of the perfect first date

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Guess for the first time date would be STRESSFUL for almost each & everyone.
Am I right?

For me , nor as suggestion , Trying to decide what to wear, where to go, will they like me, what do I say, and the countless other things that pass through our head beforehand so you maybe can just relax and have fun on your first date then.

Dress up proper. Not too over dress up just normally dress up instead of too OVER as long it's nice-beautiful and mostly is comfortable so its easy for every movement.

Mature Conversation. Talk about yourself and etc in right tone , expression , never show off. With words you can just easily tackle your partner but dont too OVER to tried to be a sweet talker,yeah!

Easy go on. Joke & Laughter a one of sense of human being. By talking too personally stuff and serious mode it's would just make the environment looks like protocol so the date needs too enjoy and have fun the date.

Pay attention. Focus and listen when is not your turn too share. Feel it. But judge them after the date is over.

Yourself. Be real , be yourself. Dont tried to be some one other. Never lie but it's not too shown the true stripes of you too.

How's mine? Hurm , simple and easy. Happy with it. Especially on my B-Day Blast 2011 !!

Hope each and everyone will enjoy yours!

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