The 30 Days Challenge-Day 10 : A photo of your favorite place to eat

Sunday, June 12, 2011

First of all , there's is no "A" photo but let's check it out guys! You won't regret to know those info.

I just LOVE to eat Mc'D 's fries!

Next ,

KAPITAN Gurney , Penang
a must try "Chicken Milani"
Very the superb guys! Only in Gurney is the best. If i'm back to Penang it is a MUST to go have it!

More ,

Who ever when to Penang , I guess once YOU are there YOU will go to this place. 
I love the MEE PATA @ MEE SOTONG. And I usual when for lunch. Superb marvelous honey!

Again next , 
Japanese food in JUSCO Queensbay Mall  , the only TAKOTAO in all store of JUSCO that I can eat
& say superb delicious!

 Non stop next-ing,
 Road side by "roti canai" in Penang! It's located at Transfer Road. The curry and sambal is different
from all those mamak's stall YOU've been. Have a try once u step on to this pleasure island!

Food? Restaurant? Hotel? Road side? I don't mind. As long it's nice-delicious! Just to let YOU know



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