The 30 Days Challenge-Day 8 : Your dream wedding

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Actually I just love to see English Wedding Garden style. But of course I don't think so if i am going to marry  sooner or later I manage to had the dream come true. As for me as I am a simple lady on the earth. If it's the time to say that I've been taken away by a guy one day , I just want a simple - nice - perfect wedding setup on my big day. I don't ask for such thing are not necessary. Instead I should thankful to feel it what is Big Day feeling are?

Somehow ever , I also like the new generation of  Malay culture touch on new creative design on this lovely event. But to be honest , I don't have any idea yet seems I never thought of this matter ever yet. And maybe once the time comes I guess more idea and creativity touch from almost the bridal shop or boutique.So just wit and see when its called as my big day.

I found some nice and cool pictures on Google Image and also Yahoo Image. Aren't those NICE?

Should hold a freshie roses as my flower hand

Lil Boy & Girl as "Flower Girl"
*usually my niece& nephew*

I just love this lovely tiara , nice right?

Wedding Garden concept?

Hubby , Can I wear this kind of wedding dress?

 Cinderella Cake? Or more creative one , please!

Purple Cake? I LIKE!

Hey some new photo on Malay modern culture I just feel it's so beautiful on my eyes , What says YOU?

Again Purple cause I just love this color so much.

Love the back design together with the deco and overall, superb!

I just can dream isnt? Hope my wedding will goes on nicely and I must be happy with the flow. Readers out there , please pray for my good news.InsyAllah u'll get yours too. Amin..

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