The 30 Days Challenge-Day 17 : How you hope your future will be like

by - June 25, 2011

I hope I will have a better life until my last breath , InyAllah ..Amin.
Even I ever had a bad dream of life but after few year and months now I realize life must goes on no matter what will happen one day.
I would like to be a more to Islamic and learn about it seems I was born in a mixture family.
Maybe tru image and personality ? InsyAllah.
If I were have a chance to change my status of life from single @ in relationship to next level ; 
So then , I wish I will have a genuine man that will accept me as who am I , will guide me in every edge of life , great & honest husband instead be a good also role model to my children , Insyallah.
One weird thing that always cross my mind , I wish my last breath living on this lovely peaceful earth to be surrounding by my mother , father , husband and children also beloved friends. I can't live without them rather than God to take my soul first but not them.  And I don't why this is always keep on playing in my mind went ever I'm quiet while talking to them yet staring right to their faces ;as for now my mother , father , siblings, friends and boyfriend.
However , in future I wish I had a lovely family , better salary , and most thing I wish I will able to change to another department to gain new experience with more kind of people especially to have a experiences bosses so I can learn more knowledge rather than attitudes of cannot see others more of them.
Also in future , I hope all my friends realize what it the real world of life and come out from their own mind set of thoughts. InsyAllah as I'm still breathing I will always pray for them and also for those who hates me just for no reasons.

Be a great Muslims and InsyAllah Allah swt will accept and let all those prayers be done successfully.

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May Allah bless me and you , Ameen