Penang : 7th Day

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

30th Dec 2011

I have to woke up early just because Wani wants me to drive her to clinic ; she is not feeling well. So I only  manage to brush my teeth  and wash my face,and change my clothes. But she doesn't!  OMG! Then I drove her car and went to near government clinic , too bad it's too many of people so she decide to go to panel clinic at Jelutong. Yeah , she managed to got the MC slip. So on the way back she wants to eat Domino's Pizza so we just drop by and claim with the FREE coupon.

We then drive to her house to get her clothes and stuff , she did wash her face and brushed her teeth. Huh!! Then she wants to drop Pizza Hut , Sg.Dua  near to my place. Oh for god sake , she eat likes she doesn't eat for 10years. Okay this is what she did order for only both of us. It's costly about RM80/-  above.

So after had our breakfast and lunch , we went home and chit chatting and playing cards until she fall asleep. Then I had my bathe and then did online downstairs and watch television. Seems she is not feeling well so just let her sleep. Once she woke up , she took bathe then wanted to ask for my guide to register SPA but too bad all of her results and certs is at home. So we went to her home again and she took her stuff to go to work tomorrow and also the results. And before we went home , we did just stop at the side of the road near Queensbay because she wants to buy drinks at Starbucks.

OKay , had our drinks at home and the pizza's from Domino's & Pizza Hut that we brought  home. Then we chit chat and she wants to sleep seems she is working on morning shift. But I don't feel like sleeping yet so I was online on my real FB and so a liar's status so I decide to wrote a note. - The Liar. I fall asleep about 3am .


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May Allah bless me and you , Ameen

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