Penang : 10th Day - Last Day

by - January 17, 2012

Woke up a bit late. Then my love help to put all of my mummy's stuff that need to bring it back to Putrajaya. While I tidy up both rooms and preparing last thing before make move to Putrajaya. Daddy cook fried rice and after had together we both make move.

Move to Putrajaya ? Oh No! Nearly to the Penang Bridge he say ; "Nak makan Mee Sotong , boleh?" . So went to eat Mee Sotong for the last day. So decide to tapaw for daddy  & brothers.

Okay once done eating and sending to daddy,we then make move back to Putrajaya. Uwaaa I dislike this!
We both did have a stop at Tapah , just when to toilet also fill up more petrol.

Reach Putrajaya almost 9 something and he drop my house and had dinner together because mummy did cook curry etc.


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