10 Days Challenge : Day 2 - A photo of yourself a year ago

12:00 AM Yanty Lee 5 Comments


Okay , I am too busy with work - life etc. I re-continued my challenge after #the1stday were post on 20th November 2011. And the challenge actually starts from the 18th of November 2011.

A year ago ? Seems now is 2012 so I assume as putting my last year photo ; now is January so this below picture were snap also in the January 2011. Was celebrating my blast birthday at Haven , Ampang with new   and buddies.


  1. yeaay....
    da folloe..
    nice blog..i like!!

  2. Haziqah whateVeR : Hi! TQ for the support. Keep in touch.

    Aqak Mimi: eHem pula dia. =D

  3. mamam ape kat ctu...
    ekekeke gambo tk jeles :D

  4. Aqak Mimi: Mamam Fish & Chips! Tgk sini-B-Day Blast 2011 Haha...biarlah xjelas..byr lgi gmbr2 yg jelas dlm blog ni...


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