Penang : 4th Day

Friday, January 6, 2012

My 4th of HOLIDAY , babeh!

After woke up , thought of bringing my ♡ for breakfast and go around before he when back to his hometown by bus tonight , Kuala Terengganu.

But to bad , on our way to Transfer Road hunting for roti canai , our car was broke down near to Burmah Road. Because too blank and panic , while finding mechanic shop , seems our car still can move. Yet once a mistake to enter Anson Road cause it is a traffic jam lane so our car can't stand too long and it's can't be start anymore and we stop the car near to the Peugeot's showroom. Alhamdulillah , Man and his friends come and give a help. While they we're waiting for towing to send the car to the mechanic shop , I was too hungry so I walk off to Pelita alone and had my breakfast.

Once the towing brought the car , Man bring both of us to Hameediyah for breakfast & lunch. I just have some Pasembur seems I am quite full , Man and ♡ had Beriyani.

Once had our meal togehter , Man send us home. We were so tired because waiting under the sunny day. So after had bathe again , I fall asleep until 6pm. Then get ready and drove my parent's car to Queensbay Mall , and had dinner with ♡  before send him at the bus station by 9pm. We had dinner at Dave's Deli.

Once had dinner , we make our move , so I drop him , and I when home and he did send me message tru BBM and been told that the bus can't enter the Penang Bridge so the bus give extra service by bringing all the passenger from Penang to sg. Petani by van.

I was online until he did call me around 2.34am , after talk to him , I fall asleep.


  1. Bestnyer jalan2... :)

    dah follow...

    datang la follow sambil shopping di
    Thanks :)

  2. wow...
    sungguh menyelerakan makanan tersebut...

    =Jom Exchange Blog=====


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