Precious Moment Of Putrajaya

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sometimes when my mood are OK I just love to snap pictures surrounding me
Hey U..yes..It's U the one drop by n reading this entry,
Have u been here, i mean PUTRAJAYA?
What says about this place?
I've been staying & working here seems 2008 'til now
Lets enjoy my shoot ! & Don't forget to comment on my snapzzz yeah!

ketika putrajaya di waktu hampir senja
fokus dari jauh : Masjid Putrajaya
Istana? erk???
rumah sarang serangga
Tasik Masjid Putrajaya
Pelbagai design tiang lampu sekitar Putrajaya
Cun kan waktu senja
Laman Bunga Raya Putrajaya
Pinky Hibiscus
i'm in the middle of the road
cafe baru
The Putrajaya Mosque
The Prime Minister's palace =)
Again different design of lamp post
Not a lamp post yet a camera
Wer I work every weekdays sometimes weekends too
xde kerja LOL
Just feel proud coz no editing done but the pic are so nice for me too keep on see it.
That's all for now & will update more soon.


  1. cantiknye..;)
    teruja tgk...

    sharing info :


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