Breakfast ft. ♥

Monday, April 18, 2011

i love my love so much & what about u?

Mostly everyday WE went for breakfast together
Weekdays? yup,before he send me to work
Weekends? of course,usually i'll make breakfast from home

Few weeks ago,
this is what i cooked for me , my sis and also my 
the food a just light meal for me but with a lil potion i'm so full til night
seems my also did bought me curry puff filled with fish smashes from his hometown,Terengganu
I did fried them all too as a part for our breakfast together

This is so enjoyment that WE had together having OUR weekends breakfast & the meals

Breakfast ke ni? Ye la!
En.♥ nak makan cucur jugak,Baby nya masak n tunaikan je
karipap isi ikan dr Terengganu dr die

dua cawan kecik ni en.♥ yg gedik nak WE minum guna ni,
sweet kan my en.♥ =)
Hurm , suka tengok my  makan tapi I dah full mampu teman je my makan
Apa pun WE had a great day with the lovely meal together

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