Malam Karaoke & Melodrama

Monday, April 4, 2011

On the 1st April 2011 , 
JPA just held a lovely great event to all staff and its called as
"Pertandingan Karaoke 'Melodrama' "
 Each and everyone do have their own sport house so do I.
I'm in the G.R.E.E.N house!
Saw the pom-pong  above , hurm yeah I am one of them!
DUSH!! Funny , right?
But I have too..not choice.

This is the program of the night!

And this is my lucky number!
Unbelieveable OK! 
Never easily I did got a chance on this section in my whole life!
Maybe I shouldn't say "Never-Say-Never"

And this is the prize of my lucky draw!
Nah....absolutely wrong!
Yeah , definitely is a JPA's towel!
And even tho The Green House aka Green Hornetz doesn't won any categories on the competition, 
yet WE the cheer boys & girls manage to WON the prize of "Anugerah Sorak Terbaik"!!
*take note!*


  1. haah3.. turkujut tengok yanti dapat lucky draw... n_n.. tahniah beb.

  2. @n!da: Haha, cheq ni lagi la terkejut yunk...Welcome2!


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