Jalan-Jalan Sambil Bersukan di Cameron Highlands

Friday, February 18, 2011

Yeah! Last 11-13 Feb 2011 I went to Cameron Highlands with my colleagues. The event called as "Jalan-Jalan Sambil Bersukan". We peps reached there nearly 12midnite. Once I get down from the bus and while walking to dome I did call HIM  & wish him on birthday.

*malas nk crop bontot kak mimi*
After entering the dome , everyone rushing to the bathroom to pee =) Then , I've changed onto my clothes and get to bed. Here,comes again on the phone with my beloved. About 3am then only I get to sleep.

 The next day , early morning after had breakfast. All of us went to badminton court coz we are having ping-pong & badminton's friendly match in the morning session.

Warming-up with pyscho colleagues - Fitri aka Daud

In front of the hall
 On evening session , we do have football & netball friendly match. Yeah ! The football team won but opposite result on the netball team. Funny? Haha... Ya so damn freaky bad experience I ever had. We don't have any trainings and yet we are playing under the rain!!!!

Main hampeh - posing je lebey!
At night , we are having BBQ & Karaoke . And do celebrate two of our officer's birthday too. A night which is hungry  but sleepy.

Next day , the day that I can't wait to be back to Putrajaya and me my beloved. After having breakfast , we all stop by and shopping. Sorry , I am not a shopaholic so I just bought some strawberries , souvenir's & some roses for Mrs.Chenta . Last port we drop is at the tea farm then it's time to say SAYORNARA to Cameron and HELLO to Putrajaya!

At the tea farm
After all , the "vacay" quiet awesome and abit having fun although kind of sad not to be with my beloved on his birthday.

Lepas baca entry singgah la ke ruang komen , dan seKLIK  juga, TQ.

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