Air Asia : Free Seats are BACK!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Salam and hye u olls,

I was reading a news regarding our veteran actor; Kuswadinata, where he is in critical condition and were admitted in Ampang Hospital tru Berita Harian on my mobile. Hope he'll get better soon. Amin.

But, yeah there is but because I saw this cool title of news. And it is the free seats from Air Asia are back again,u guys!

Let's grab it! Oh yeah; the promotion starts tomorrow. For further more, check out on this articel ; Air Asia tawar 10,000 tempat duduk percuma esok

Alright guys,let see will I manage to get a seat or not tomorrow. praying hard-finger cross

For those who got it, enjoy your journey!
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  1. Assalamualaikum awak. saya pun nak cuba nasib! ptg semalam dgr berita. semoga ada rezeki nak dapat free seat!

    1. wa'alaikumusalam Sheila , Okay jom malam nanti kita berebut seat. (;

  2. Seronoknya kalau dapat lepaskan Ty....
    Mana Ty pegi? bizi ke?

    1. Bz skit, weekend pun Ty msk off. If x, de urusan kt luar/lik Penang. Mmg xseronok sbb xlepas.haha. In sha allah, ke sebuah pulau.


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