Friday, July 29, 2011

Now , I am still in the office.
But before a friend of my went back ; my colleague , we do have a short conversation. He .. yes HE a guy.
He asked me went is my turn to get marry? I replied him and say .." Should be you first, bro!"  Then he start to say his relationship is complicated. Of course I pop out from my mouth and asked him back , "Why?". He is open to share his personal matters even tho actually not even single stuff of mine he know. Okay, here's the answer and the confession from him.

He asked me .. "Aku memang jahat!". Yet I still don't get him. Keep asking why and how's the relationship with his girlfriend that he ever show and story to me. He keep on saying it that he is the one who so cruel in the relationship. He starts to tell me that his girlfriend (showing the picture of theirs of precious moment together) was a great girl he met and she did not make any single mistake along the relationship going on. But the false goes to him , he just make a mistake to be with another girl because he felt he don't get much attention and love from the other one. They already broke up and now he is with a new girlfriend. OMG! That's is so surprisingly to me.

When he confess he is the one who are wrong to do such thing and leave her. He felt guilty but he guess it's the best way for him. He need full focus on a long relationship. What happen is I don't think any guys out there will bravely confess to a friend especially girl friend like me that guys are wrong. And when he was telling me , I was shocked until I so sad to hear the sincere confess from his and I saw his crystal of eyes that he is so guilty to leave for no reason.

Then he hope I will never told to any one about it. He trusted to me that I will kept it as a secret. Because mostly friend doesn't know he make this such as cruel decision. But when I was waiting for a friend of my from KL back to Putrajaya , I keep wondering why now HE is guilty after what he did to her ex. But he is so gentle and did not put any blame to the girl. Yet , he blame himself and he will try to think wisely also if his new girlfriend did the same thing that he that to his ex , he is ready to face it seems he ever broke someone's heart before.

Moral of the story that I learn today :
-tell the truth when you are wrong
-confess so make thing clear
-never put the blame on others
-everyone is not perfect
-love is no point to guilty of when you dump it

Okay , got to go. I hope who ever read this , you will learn to love with your heart and there's maybe no a second chance for us to turn the precious moment again.

Never take someone for granted . 


  1. who's that guy laling...nk tau..nk tau...

  2. ty, do u think i noe him?? bagus la die tu. mungkin die tau ex die tu tak redi lagi. masih nk enjoy lagi. die syg ex die tu. tp sebab die tak nampak future dgn ex tu. so die tanak tertunggu2 lagi die move on n cari orang laen. but deep in his heart, he still love her. right?

  3. @Miss Fifiey: Biar lah rahsia. Tak baik ok nak aib org tu walaupun dia tak tahu Yanty ada blog and cerita pasal dia.

    @n!da: Yes , U know HIM dear. That's why la dia pun ckp mcm terjerat sebab dia dh kenal pulak dgn gf baru's family. Good nya dia mgaku kata dia yang punca perpisahan and agak menyesal la.

    Pengajaran kepada kita semua kan?

  4. oo, thats y la die tak boleh patah balik.. o mennn.. xpelah, ade jodoh tak kemane. ape2 pon, selagi tak pergi lebeh jao, die bole istikharah dulu, mintak petunjuk Allah.

  5. @n!da: tu la kan nmpk je dia tu cm ala2 nottie tp bila dia confess aku terdiam terase sebak gak...mintak2 la tuhan beri dia petunjuk dlm mcari jodoh... pada aku & ko jugak!


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