The 30 Days Challenge-Day 25 : Who are you?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm Yanty.
I'm 23 years old. (2011)
I'm Penangite.
I'm a daughter to my mummy & daddy.
I'm 3rd from 4 of siblings.
I'm quite tall ; like father like daughter
I'm serious went I am
I'm a government staff
I'm don't approach strangers easily
I'm a loyal and stick to one & only to my love
I'm quite a good listen yet nagging when it's wrong

I love cats
I love sports; Hockey , Volleyball , Cycling , Badminton , Swimming , Netball 
I love to eat LAKSA PENANG
I hate smokers
I hate lizard & reptiles
I hate liars
I hate fakers nor plastics
I hate girls who wear scarf covering hate but they are actually not a good role model of the symbol to the name of ISLAM
I hate History  & Biology  subject in school
to jot down every single stuff of ME maybe it's too long be my friend on FB so we shall know more;
however this one thing about me , I want to share is
I still sleep with a pillow called bantal busuk !

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