The 30 Days Challenge-Day 29 : Something you could never tired of doing

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hurm , What kind of Question is this that I suppose to answer?

I guess I love to HANG OUT .

I am not tired when I got the chance to meet and spend my day and night with my love one , family , and the most i love is those people who I called them  !

Shown and proven once I am back to my superb hometown , Penang . I sacrifice my sleep to go out with the best buddies.  Chit- chatting at mamak stall while having supper + shisha , or mostly love to go to town and the favourite place to stop is the night market at Batu Ferringhi .

In KL , seldom nowadays but Mr.Nameless is the one thought and brought me to many such a place that I never been before. Tell him where you wants to go , he will drive you there. He is my master GPS of Peninsular Malaysia's Map. 

Anyone wanna hang out? LET'S HANG OUT!


Thank you for commenting on my words.
May Allah bless me and you , Ameen

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