B-Day Blast 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

15th January 2011 - Lovely Peaceful Enjoyable Greatest Saturday !

On Friday evening after work , he fetched me from office. Then both of us just drop by to pasar tani at Precinct  2. As plan was Azreen aka  Kacip will fetch Azuwa and drop to my house but then KL was damn heavy jammed so he just send me home back. Weird thing is he never show that he cares a lots of my necklace before yet on the way back he took it away and says he wants it. For me , I don't have any objection because I believe he will give me back later. Once I reached home, it's already near to 7p.m. But I'm quite tired even tho they whole Friday day I wasn't doing any work but updating my blog. I did take a rest awhile while waiting the water gets boiled before I can take my shower. I had to go out to night because my hubby , Kacip & Azuwa is on their way to fetch me for out.

Haven Restaurant
About 9.50 p.m, yeah nearly 10p.m only they reached and do fetched me.What I know is Kacip & Azuwa wants to over night my place so that's why I went out even tho kind of tired. From my place , they want to have dinner at at near Bukit Ampang / Hulu Langat , I got no objection I am so open to follow where they wants to go. Yeah , It's the Haven Restaurant (Look Out Point).  And yup, it's far from Putrajaya. It was a nice - romantic - cool - speechless - marvelous - bravo - fantastic - bombastic - etcxxxXxxx place I been. Definitely and yes first time I was there. The food are tip top and worth it with the potion and the price are reasonable. Dinner time!

Their setup of the knife & fork are damn it-COOL!

 Kind of "Chi-Kai" menu??

 4 meals are ready for 4 person
# 3 set of Black Pepper Chicken Chop #

 My Dinner
# The ONLY Fish & Chip #

While eating we guys do snap few photo's for 2011 memories that we did had together. Not forgotten the guys do make order for shisha - Flavor Haven's Speacial (Fruittie). The smoke are so soft and nice smell.

 Kacip & Azuwa
❤ Loving + Rocks Couple~4 years❤

Damn COOL view of KL at night ain't I?

While eating after quite starving quietly suddenly my darling run off. Hurm , here starts my curious and wonders and a bit kind of scare too.But after awhile he came back and says he went to toilet.Then I continue chewing my meal a bit by bit,especially the chips. But yet the didn't continue theirs, and for me maybe the are full and needs to let the food to digest to continue back. I did realize he kind of taking to someone but nothing crossing my mind instead of the time was at that moment. I'm still focus on my meal. OMG! It's the waitress coming with a cake heading to our table with the birthday song resound filling the air of the restaurant softly continued singing by the 3 of them and then I did glimpse to my watch - oppss it's 12 mid night and 15th Jan!

Shocking - lovely-surprising ; celebration but deep in hard I'm scare because they ever mention of playing with flour and eggs. But I ❤ U darling(s) , U guys didn't do it on me. Thank you, yeah.

 It suppose to  be 23rd but as I look young maybe that's why it's 22nd
~Oppss sorry I'm still YOUNG =)

Lets cut & chop it =)

Me & my b-day cake!

Lovely choc cheese cake from hubby.

I would like to say thousand of thanks to them for setting up a great tip top dinner and blast birthday celebration ever I had in life! I always wanted and dream this kind of celebration by my love ones and also surrounding by the love family and friends too. Even tho this year I can't be in Penang on my B-Day still mummy did sing me a birthday song on the phone ain't she is so lovely and sweet mother. TQ,Mommy Monster! Guess what? The answer of why he did took away my necklace are been answered now. My 1st birthday present and valuable gift from him ; it's silver necklace! Thank you,Cayang! 

The ❤ ly necklace

 He-She : new necklace

HE put the necklace around the neck to HER


Continue the dinner with the blast B-Day celebration then after about nearly 2a.m. We all make a move,yet before go away from the lovely place we did went up more ahead to Panorama's Restaurant just to snap photos but not much of photos we did snap seems to be the Vietnamese 's waiter are keep on following us because he kind of thinking that we come over to had dinner there but he is the one who did not understand take we wants to snap some photos only. He don't catch with what have the boys told him-I guess. LOL.

Kacip-Azuwa-Me @ Panorama Restaurant

Peace? Bubbye!

After we guys make move we did went around  the KL and some few places. Where? They did went to see the transvestites. This went they really nothing to do or cross their mind where to go. After round the town , we heading to KTM Serdang for another shisha trip. And also meeting up Apis

 Ate my cake til left a slice,Apis? 

Once reached home, Kacip & he straight walked in to the room and sleep. Followed by me and Azuwa ; we both sleep in my room.But too bad I'm awake at 8a.m. but everyone is still peaceful sleeping in their own dreamland.I doesn't know what to so I transferred all the photo's we took last night. And re-crop and re- edit some. OMG! Can't believe, there's are hundreds photo's taken. But not all photo's I did post to Facebook  but then Internet access damn low for no reason so I can't post it. About 11a.m , Azuwa  wake up then she did had her bathe. While she was having her shower, I did fried curry puff , hot dog with bread , fries and nugget for breakfast for everyone. I did cooked rice too. Until we both settled cooking in the kitchen the both of the are still sleeping same goes to my sister. 3 of them are so hardly to be awake. *sigh* but when says that the breakfast is already done.Both of them wake up quickly.

While having breakfast, he did cook in the kitchen - Briyani Fried Rice. Only Kakak still sleeping.Because she did sleep more late then us. Well, the fried rice is so marvelous. After we guys had breakfast / lunch = break lunch? , we did rest - watching TV - clean up the kitchen and stuff - took bathe then about 6p.m. we all we down to KL to meet Bro Fariz aka Abang Sedara and wants to go dinner and shisha  at Alandalus near Bkt Bintang area not mistaken. The place is still new the just moved. Nice place. And food too.


 Our MEAL!

They can't live without it!

After we had dinner, we went to Bukit Bintang. Time for live band! HAHAHA..all the way,I was on the phone with Ika. Sorry guys. Seems its free on my birthday so I lost control when I;m on the phone with my BFF. While listening to the band performing. Bro Fariz did suggest to request for a song ;Cinta Kristal but each and everyone is kind of shy to ask for paper and pen to jot down for the request. But I did hear he did ask at last but I was focus on the live band so I don't know what did they request and when did they give the request list to the waitress. This is because the band sang me a birthday so and it's the 1st birthday song on the night. OMG! Shy-blushing..do I? Guess I was too front to the band and everyone there is looking me.

Anyway, thanks my dear for the request and i like! ;-)

BB Bistro located at BB Plaza Mall
The great live band
ME:The guitarist are awesome?
The live band then get their rest for a hour and the clock shown it's already 11p.m.So we make our move to Selayang to drop Azuwa home.Then drop by to Setapak, had a cup of drink and "Otak-Otak" at Danau Kota before send Bro Fariz home. Then heading to Seri Kembangan to drop Kacip then only we went home.

#What a great B-Day n Aren't it damn blast? THANK YOU to everyone#

Lepas baca entry singgah la ke ruang komen , dan seKLIK  juga, TQ.


  1. beb. bila ko tukaq blog nih?
    hohoho. cun.

    aku lupe la bezday ko 15. aku igt bezday pn.siti. hadooiii. sori dear..

    epi belated bezday ^_^

  2. Nida ... tQ!
    a'a kan = dgn Puan CT Z. xwish pown dye hikhik.
    Cun ke? biasa je.serabut tgk yg b4 this..BILA>JUMAAT lepas.Me xbuat kj kowt lol...


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