Wordless Wednesday: 14 Sept 2011 - Kenangan

11:45 AM Yanty Lee 14 Comments

It's a day without word saying but I still wants to say I LOVE U , Cayang!

Exchange hp last night and I found this in his =)


  1. Such a sweet text.
    Hope the relationship will grow stronger every day.

  2. so sweett!! hehe.. biasalah asam garam bf gf nih..masih2 nak kenal hati lagi.. hehe

  3. awww love love love <3

    I have added cool emoticons to this message.
    To see them go to http://x.exps.me?4e52498272801ff74ce6fc5e8deea4fa

  4. @Awan Biru: thank you. And I am hoping too..

    @Cik Jannah: harap2 begitu la untung nya smp bila2.

    @syahiraaghani: haha kenapa macam bunyi terkjut je..

    @eva: sgt asam n the garam.. ye he is sometimes are so sweet..

    @Najlaa 'Aqilah: a'a cinta2...hehe

  5. so sweet..hehe...

    moga hubungan berkekalan dan dijauhi dari dugaan..:)


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