Spontaneous- Thursday #2

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I t ' s
a g a i n

Bitchy ,
I would like to tell the truth here today.
He admitted that he ever curse me to you just because he wants to get your love.
He felt sorry for what he ever did and say because he is blind that you are LIAR.
So Bitch , get away from my life now.

a t t e n t i o n !
Yanty is not a social life girl even tho were grown up in Penang. 

Yanty is not a materialistic type girl who chase for men's money.   
Yanty is not desperate at all for a love until need to wait and find where ever a guys located. 
Yanty is n o t   l i k e what he ever s a y !

Ya Allah  , should I forgive him and continue the journey of love & forget those thing.
Ya Allah I am not strong enough to face and handle it anymore at all.
Ya Allah I am so glad for the hint that I got from you.
Ya Allah , if he is not mine please tell me in his sleep.


Thank you for commenting on my words.
May Allah bless me and you , Ameen

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