Best Friend Already Recover

Monday, August 8, 2011

Last 24 June , I was shocked with a bad news about my best friend from other friend. Early morning I received lots of call on my both hand phone. And also on Facebook. I slept that night about 4 or 5 o'clock so I don't have enough sleep but the bad news make me worry and I started to call my mummy daddy in Penang and all my friends to confirm with what I heard.

Yes , I|a caught an accident. Her car was totally lost. She accident alone;driving back from her campus,Shah Alam back to Kedah. Many comments on her FB praying for her. Some says she in comma condition but some says she just trauma. From Behrang , she were send to Hospital Slim River , then move to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainin , Ipoh ,Perak. I wanted to go but I can't because I got registration at Sepang in one of the college nearby.

I tried to get her & her parents , I don't manage. Until , a friend of mine who is working at Perak when to visit her. And then I also got all her parent's hand phone number from Apek , her boyfriend. I plan with my others chicks in Penang , then I did call & text her lil sis to let her know I am coming back to go and visit her. As mummy daddy already went to her house , she is getting better but she is not 100% recover and she can't remember much. Mummy Daddy call me and say it's better I go visit her. That's why I'm back.

Friday night I took Plusliner bus from Putrajaya to Penang but too bad the bus caught in the traffic jammed just because the fucjing shit BERSIH. I reach Penang at 6.30am man! On Sunday morning , Me & 3 others friend drove to Alor Setar and we reached her house safely. Too bad she is crapping. But we all still entertain her. The best part is when |ka asked her ; "Macam mana hang accident , ila?".. She replied ; "Aku pun tak ingat , sedar2 aku lemas dok berenang2 dalam sungai" . Funny right? We laugh in the same time we feel so sad for her.

Alhamdulillah , last Friday I received a call. And it's from HER! omg!! I am so happy. She can talk normally and she say she didn't remember anything at all ; what & how she accident? who came to visit her? etc. Then she asked me did she talk nonsense. I tell her a bit and she laugh like hell. yeah, confirmed she is RECOVER!! 

Thank to ALLAH swt. 

Some picture I snap with her .

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