10 Days Challenge

by - November 18, 2011

Day 1
  • Your Facebook profile photo.

Day 2
  • A photo of yourself a year ago.

Day 3
  • A photo of someone you love.

Day 4
  • A photo that makes you happy.

Day 5
  • A photo of  you making a funny face.

Day 6
  • A photo of a former crush.

Day 7
  • A photo of you and your best friend.

Day 8 
  • Your most recent photo of  you.

Day 9
  • A photo of you have taken.

Day 10
  • A photo that makes you laugh.

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  1. nampak cam menarik.. nak buat la! :D

  2. menarik..tapi jenuh lah nak selongkar gambar2 yg bnyk tu kan...:P

  3. @Aida Azryn: Aida , jom la sesame buat okay? heee

    @cik missi: cik missi , ala xkan xde kot..jom la join!


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