Saturday, October 8, 2011

every one on earth that still alive do have problems either big or small only.

Yes , So do I!

My problems that I am facing for the rest of my life can booked it as a novel to be published guess.
Sound like ~ Errrr,..yucks?!

How matter it is my problems , my F.R.I.E.N.D.S surrounding me do have there own problem too.

Thing is some of situation of problems , 
I wondering why at the time am I facing a big world disaster then they came and sharing this.

friend #1
Father passed away since she is lil girl. Too bad her mom only give attention to her elder sister. Yet her mum can proudly say , "hang nak tunang & kawin ni mama tak dapat nak bagi banyak sebab nak buat grand-grand kat kakak hang , majlis hang biasa-biasa dah la" . o.m.g! Pity her to face them everyday , now her car that she bought by her own - her sister is using to college ! fuck man!

friend #2
After divorce with her pyscho hubby , she thought everything is over. Too bad , until today she is ill. She get many medication but it's does not works. Until she get a traditional medication then found that after all her ex husband is the one did bad voodoo stuff to her and family. Scary weyh!

friend #3
Just for in love after several years being single. But too bad , coz too excited to be with the new partner now they are facing to the end of it. What I see and listen , the partner kind of not sincere to be with for the long term relationship. Different culture of living , thoughts , social life , etc. Both did mistake so sit and settle down is the best solution!

friend #4
Hypocrite! My friend is! I don't understand what is that she trying to express her feeling now its turn to hate? And blaming her boyfriend for everything , yet she is so stubborn cause she will never accept others opinion. Man..., how do i ..we other friends to advise her? putuih je la hang , flirt around sesuai dgn perangai hang!

friend #5
Assignment? Almost day and night we on BBM. Stress with her assignment not done. Lazy...yet ask me to give her support until I starts to nagging like an old lady. Of course it's done but she left her thumbdrive at the printing shop and attend the class - present her paper without slides . Bravoo..

friend #6
I know this sister since I was working in DELL. To bad she is a holy Muslimah living on earth. Yes, fucking around with any guys for money , drinking til drunk , clubbing etc. But we are close but after she get engage we seldom meet up any more then I was shocked to know she already broke up with the fiance. Coz of what matter I does not know. Yet , get away from me until remove me from BBM list also FB and saying I don't appreciate her.

friend #7
A Kelantan girl. tudung / scarf? No comment! Fashion for her. She do have blog too. When I got FB , she ask me to teach her on FB. Blog? The same thing goes. She just almost like my friend #6 - social! Love to lie! Love to deactivate her FB acc. Not for no reason she blocked me from her blog? Should I kept her in my friend list in FB?

Friends problem only? Where is the actual my problem? I can handle it . Once I can't then I will jot it down!
Cause the above problem I hear and facing together make me fell no only me having problems. 


Thank you for commenting on my words.
May Allah bless me and you , Ameen

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