53rd Malaysia Independent Day !

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On the 31st of August 2010 , Malaysia is celebrating its 53rd years Independent Day. All Malaysia should be proud be and live on the earth named Malaysia. Salute and proud of the achievement by our warriors for letting us live without anymore of threatened from enemies. So Malaysia , Happy 53rd Birthday !!  
Happy 53rd Birthday !!
On eve the National Day , after went back from office by 5.30pm , I drove to Seri Kembangan by using Hafiz's car (he left his car to me while he is having hols in his hometown, Terengganu) to fetch Fiza at her house. We did bought some fast food;such as Fillet O Fish at McD drive tru to had a small break fast at home with Kak Ros. Well Kak Ros did bought some curry puff , seri muka and soya drink ( but its fall once she get down from the bus ..  ) Reach Precinct 9 ,  Fiza wants to get Nasi Kerabu so we bought another drink,Apple Juice. Before get home , I went to another block to send off my clothes at the laundry. At home about 7.15 something , so three of us preparing the food to break fast together. We had a great chit-chat until we forget the time is passing by too fast. We get ready and preparing our self to go out on the eve National Day. The actual plan was to go for a window shopping including shopping too at Sogo Mall & Jln TAR by then seems the time that we girls when out from house is already 9something.So Fiza suggest to go to hang out to celebrate National Day at KLCC.

The way to KLCC is correct already yet I already reach the parking of KLCC but then Fiza telling me this is not KLCC. OMG! I wondering and keep quite coz she and my sister keep on saying the KL Tower is the KLCC so I just drove out away thenI saw some signboard showing that I am correct so they damn blushing. So I have to turn back and yeah we girls did when to KLCC and we just hang out and snapping photos about 11.40pm its starting to rain.

So we make move off to the car. We sat in the car until 12.05am and its the day...MERDEKA!!!! But there's nothing fireworks at all uhh damn. So we try to go to Merdeka Square but its still jam even tho its nearly to 2 o'clock.So I decide to go to Uptown Cheras. We just bought some accessory such as rose hair clip, hair ban etc. Those baju kurung are damn nice but its damn too expensive too..Arghh..have to budget. We are there until 5something so we had our Sahur at the astaka at the restaurant at Uptown Cheras. We make move from Cheras to Seri Kembangan to send Fiza home and when home about 5.30am.Everyone had a great dreamland journey but Kak Ros wake up early to go to office for OT same goes to Fiza, she did when dating with her love ones but I wake up at 1something.I woke up in a blur mood. Watching TV while playing games on Facebook. Then I received a call from Fiza, she was to come over to my place. Then we both keep chit-chatting and online together. But then she fall asleep and having a great nap. Kak Ros is home then i keep on playing Farmville alone coz both of them had reach dreamland in peace.About 6.30pm we went out to Kajang to break fast. Yummy the food is delicious.After tummy is full we move to Metro Kajang and survey Raya stuff. About 9.10pm we girls went to Monumen Alaf Baru @Putrajaya and guess what..?? We actually went there to play fireworks. By 10pm I send Fiza home, yeah..I met her bf already;Abg Botak!! Then I  & Kak Ros is home finally,I have to sleep coz I got Airport Duty about 4.30am. Hanging Out by crazee gurls of two days are awesome!

Lepas baca entry singgah la ke ruang komen , dan seKLIK  juga, TQ.


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