Penang : 8th Day

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My 8th day in Penang!

Damn , I over slept and I did not hear almost #31 missed call from my love. Oh shit I forgotten to fetch him because he came back to Penang seems his car is in the workshop and alhamdulillah it's already OK.Pity him because he WALK from Sg.Nibong Station Bus to my house! Daddy open the door for him and he is sleeping when I was awake at 7 something in the morning when Wani was to go to work. Pfftttt...

About 12 noon , I drove my parent's car to the workshop and there a little bit minor check up on the car and also they will wash it. So while waiting for the car is ready , we went to Gurney Plaza. And we had Hot & Roll. 

Then we walked around and the we both decide to watch movie - Sherlock Holmes : A Game of  Shadows. And the show is about 5 something so we went around again and we stop at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf  - had some thing to eat. Of course  , my f-a-v-o-u-r-i-t-e ; Lasagna.

Blurppppp.. opsss sorry. So fulled! And it's time for movie. The rating of the movie - absolutely 5 Star! Okay  it's time to get the car. Oh miss TAT so much. Alhamdulillah it's already fine. So we both drove back two cars home. Then once reach home , we just take some rest awhile and chit chatting with daddy. Then we went out with his car , we went for dinner at Jemputree.  It is a romantic place to go for couples and to celebrate any celebration.

After we had our dinner together we just drive around the Gurney Drive and we went home and went to bed. Both are tired and sleepy.

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