Penang : 3rd Day

Friday, January 6, 2012

I've been away because I am too busy with life and now I am back to work | uhhh!

Penang , 26th Dec 2011 it was my 3rd day having my HOLIDAY in my hometown. 

Last night after had a late dinner with ♥ and also Man. So after dinner we we're sent home and both reach dreamland in peacefully.

Today I wasn't in a good mood. I was at home and accompany my brother , Boy while the rest went to Auntie Mah's house for small gathering also before daddy send mummy & sister to Sg.Nibong bus station. They are going back to Putrajaya at 4pm by bus. My  did join them to and they just bring back some food for me n my brother. He sis also get me Twister Fries & McFlurry Oreo from McD

I was sleeping when they are back. Then after watching Tentang Dhia , I get prepared myself seems we did have plan with Man to go to Pesta Pulau Pinang. Man just drop by and park his car at my house and 3 of us walk to Pesta. It's just take 10-15minutes away from home.

Once enter the entrance I got a pamphlet of the schedule during the fiesta is on. So lucky , we we're they and a Malaysian singer , Zamani (Slam) just wanted to start he concert so we just do drop by a the mini stage to have a look awhile.

We then move around and have a walk to the game section. We just bought RM30 of token , I & Man just play the Spinner. Then the rest of token just spend of those simple games only. After pampering one another with games , we then move out from the section and walked out , Man meet his friends. I did bought 2 bags of snacks for RM10/- each. On the way back , we met the Silver Man. Not only in Bukit Bintang , KL.

Once reached home , Man drove his car to Kapitan Queensbay , and 3 of us had our supper. Of course the most famous meal at Kapitan is their Chicken Milani w/ Nan . Then we when home. And sleep cause it was a tiring day still for us. LOL

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