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Monday, March 19, 2012

Recently , one of my best friend did message me on Facebook , giving me moral support also to support her to lose weight seems we are getting BIGGER after days by days,especially after we left school and our sports activities.

So I decided to take her challenge , to lose weight and to look as gorgeous as we can during this year Eid , probably on August also on another bestie's weeding on September.

However , I and bridal to be was discussing to took some supplement too ; such as Catalyts - VCO (Virgin coconut Oil) , might trying it starting this coming April onward. Hoping to have a healthy life and good looking without those fats anymore.

No more eating without uncontrolled , need to drink lots of water more and more. I need to take vitamin C too. Too bad , along this year from January I keep off and on not feeling well.

But when I'm in Penang , it's all gone like last week was in Penang only for 3 days but I did skip my meals on suppose time so hoping it's will cover it up back.

Now , was planning with my one and only beloved love to have our evening / morning jog , play badminton also swim

Diet isn't just of not taking selected foods / drinks and taking some supplement , yet having exercise daily too is one of important list on losing weight as so to have healthy life style.

Please do give me moral support too , this is important actually that why my best friend giving it as I giving it to her too.
DIET for healthy life not just to lose weight.
Let's make it real , babeh!


  1. NIce medical post I guess :)Keep on writing sis :)

    singgah ke blog kami kalau berkesempatan :)

  2. Not so WOW la dear, just thought for my own.

  3. jangan makan waktu malam.. makan malam adalah selewat2nya pukul 7mlm.. no ice, no rice no fastfood, always grill n steamed... no more sup no more potato.. fruits as snack.. ni ckp kt diri sendiri ni.. hoho

  4. Fieyza : I Sayang U lah Fieza! Petua dari ko mesti kurus mia. Wokkey2 controlling my food. chaiyok...

  5. haha.. kurus mmg kurus.. kalau tak disiplin gemuk balik.. haha.. aku biasa puasa je kalau nak diet.. kalau tak puasa.. macam2 aku bedal.. hehe

  6. Fieyza: Tapi if aku puasa , tym berbuka tu uncontrol syg. Hehe..Hancus2... Hehe..


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