The 30 Days Challenge - Day 23 : 15 facts about you

Saturday, July 9, 2011

that U would like to know is

  • a girl mixture blood which is Malay & Chinese 
  • a lover cat
  • love ; loyal to one 
  • friendship ; never betray and stick together til last breath
  • egoist but the one who will make the situation calm back
  • sometimes do have those typical Malays
  • do chase after people boyfriend
  • everyone respect and love me
  • drove in high speed kind of a hobby
  • look down Malay cheap girls especially when "tudung" is just a fashion not cause the rules in ISLAM
  • only love to have big cars
  • never demand for wealthy life
  • this year i'm 23rd but I still do have by lovely "bantal busuk"
  • I only stop drinking milk in the bottle when I was 7 years old
  • Never take something for granted , you can put 100 and 50 percent trust on ME.
People who know me well will says that every single facts is true. 
Be nice to people , definitely you being treated nice too.


Thank you for commenting on my words.
May Allah bless me and you , Ameen

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