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Sunday, August 22, 2010

B.o.R.e.D  aka  K.e.B.o.R.i.n.G.a.N

Hurm...Life is so boring. No life! Since I'm single life become more .. and more -> BORED! 
Well,yeah...! Life's must goes on with the flow. I hate this feeling. Damn it. I hate to be apart from my family in Penang. They are the one who give me spirit to chill up and calm me when I'm upset with my problems. I Miss Mummy & Daddy. I want to be transferred to Penang by the year of 2012. A year more for me to gain my experience here. I've been working @ JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam) since end of 2008. It was on the 16th Dec 2008 until now.I stay with my eldest sister here at the goverment quarters. Alhamdulillah,the house and the place here peaceful and sometimes its bored.Luckily I do have lots of work to be done in the office. And I often stay back until night. I feel easy working when my clicks and bosses are not around also without incoming phone calls. Even tho I do some of my friends here, I had promise to myself few days back,I cant when out or meeting up them always because they do have their own life especially with their love ones. I felt uncomfortable when I'm around with them.Its because they are testing or on call so I feel I'm disturbing them and even tho they do feel it and says its OK. I need to control my time with them already. I heard most of them are ending their single life soon. So that I wont feel lonely at that time instead of practising by now. I am miss lonely. ~lonelyanty~ :-)) Today, I have to clean up myself so that I can continue my fasting on Monday. I cant online often by using my lappy because I forgotten to pay up my broadband bills-funny right,ain't I? Guess just wait until next paid for August and pay 2months bill directly. As for now, I only online by using my office PC or my sister lappy but its for a short while. And definitely I totally bored! I cant move around easily here.I joined a biz but its all over. I take it as a learning lesson and make me more mature to face more things up in future and even tho only i kept it to myself hows I feel about it. I believed Allah swt are always with me. Even tho hard to face it, I will still. Insyallah there is behind the scene.I will built new life. I will make it real. I'm sad too I keep on loose many stuff in life. But I have to be strong. I care give up easily. The most important is I don't want to see my family sad of me.Insyallah when I went back to Penang, I will try out something to built new life. How hard and difficult it is I have to do it too by my own. That's what I say " Life's must goes on with the flow" in the beginning.I have to cherish n chilling up myself coz i don't have anyone anymore.

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